I have been trained in, use, and specialize in the following treatment modalities:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)Used to help with issues of thought distortion;
ruminating/negative thinking; accepting challenging life circumstances; changing negative
behaviors; and addressing dysregulated feelings.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT) – With a focus on
trauma histories, challenging life events, and PTSD symptoms, TFCBT helps identify distorted
thinking patterns and provides relaxation skills for physiological symptoms related to memories
and intrusive thoughts associated with trauma. It allows a person to address specific traumatic
memories and thoughts in a safe environment and learn new skills for managing thoughts,
feelings and negative behaviors associated with a trauma history.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) – Typically used with people who are
struggling with substance abuse
challenges to allow them to discover
personal choices to lead them
toward healthy, positive behaviors to
support their recovery.

“Life Skills”– Derived from
Dialectical Behavioral techniques,
life skills addresses basic, day-to-day deficiencies to support people who are recovering from symptoms of major
depression, anxiety, substance
abuse recovery, personality disorders
and negative life patterns. Realistic
and goal-oriented treatment plans
allow people to see effective and quick improvements in their lives.

– Chronic stress can lead to anxiety and panic disorder. Incorporating easy, quick manageable, daily stress-management techniques using Hatha Yoga, breathing and mindful skills, people learn they have more “control” over stress and anxiety than they have ever experienced before. As a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance (see link to Yoga Alliance’s website under Links tab), I have received training in various capacities, including teaching yoga to children who have special needs and I maintain my certification through annual continuing education. I enjoy teaching yoga to people who have never tried it before, who may have preconceived ideas of what yoga is – and surprising them with the instant results of stretches, mindfulness based movement and guided relaxation. Hatha Yoga focuses primarily on the physical being and focus of the mind on specific movement to allow a “break” for the brain from worry, stress and thoughts. If practiced regularly, yoga techniques offer effective results in stress and anxiety management.

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