Kids have feelings too! In fact, kids are mostly about feelings. I am always amazed at how much
insight kids have into their lives and what is happening around them in their families, school, and
with friends.

Counseling for kids can help them
express their confusion, worries,
and thoughts through play therapy,
therapeutic games, art work, and
journaling. I have been working with
children and families in a professional
capacity since the early 1990’s and
I enjoy helping children figure out
solutions to their concerns – in a
way that they feel they have some
say in their choices and solutions
(whenever that is possible).

Some kids struggle with their behaviors, either due to symptoms of anxiety, ADHD, low
self-esteem, or PTSD histories. I work with children and their parents to come up with
new strategies to address these behaviors in an understanding, creative, and compassionate

Other kids experience feelings of sadness or depression as a result of difficult life or family
circumstances. Through counseling, we find comfortable ways for kids to talk about these
feelings openly and also to deal with their feelings of sadness. It’s a wonderful opportunity
for children to learn to deal with negative feelings at a young age so they don’t have to carry
those feelings or thoughts with them into adolescence or adulthood.

Counseling for kids should be fun, informative, and helpful. I use positive behavioral techniques and
strategies with kids to teach them skills to use at school and home so they can better
manage their behaviors and feelings.


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