Let’s face it, life throws us curveballs on a regular basis. Whether it’s a major life
change/challenge or just feeling like life is a day-to-day struggle, counseling can
offer a place to sort things out.

Therapy can also help be a place
to delve into deeper pain and
issues like childhood trauma or
disappointments; sources of
substance abuse triggers;
negative relationship challenges.
Talking about difficult experiences, learning new ways to deal with
negative feelings and thoughts
about these experiences, and
finding a way to not let them
intrude in our current adult lives,
therapy can offer relief for what
may have felt like a constant
cloud of heavy storms.

Depression, stress, anxiety, and
panic is extremely common in our
world. At times, these symptoms can start to feel like they’re “taking over” our day-to-day lives.
Through talking about these feelings, learning new ways to deal with them, and practicing stress
management techniques, people can begin to feel they have more control over their feelings,
thoughts and behaviors when life feels “out of control”.

If your problems are starting to feel overwhelming, give yourself the opportunity to try counseling
to begin to chip away at the heavy weight – you don’t have to carry it around with you every day
for the rest of your life. There may be relief in sharing your story, learning some new skills to get
through your days and perhaps gaining a new perspective on your history.

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