Teenagers today have intense
challenges to face. Feelings are
intense, behaviors can be scary
(for parents), and it can be a
confusing time overall for everyone

Through counseling, adolescents
can express their feelings about
friends, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers etc. in a
non-judgmental place where no one
else needs to hear what they’re
thinking or feeling

Counseling is Confidential
Teenagers often wonder if what
they talk about in counseling is
private and it absolutely is. The
only time a counselor is required
to share information from a
counseling session with a
teenager, is if they are expressing thoughts and plans of hurting
themselves (suicidal thoughts)
or hurting someone else. Other
than that, counseling offers a safe, confidential place to share.


Help in a Crisis
If a teen is experiencing thoughts of suicide or has a specific plan, please seek immediate
help through the crisis hotline at 1-888-568-1112 or by calling 911. The crisis worker will
help determine the best plan of action for your teen and family. I work with teenagers who
have experienced these thoughts and feelings and help figure out a plan to deal with these
feelings in a healthy and realistic way.

Sometimes, adolescents decide that they want to share specific information with their parents
or friends. We determine a plan together to have sessions with others, but it is only done at
their direction.

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